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This year’s Amazon Prime Big Deal Days will begin October 10th, 2023 at midnight and last through October 11th. Virtually every shopping category will have deals from Dyson, Sony, Barbie, SharkNinja, iRobot, LG, Peloton, Jabra and more!

Best Early Prime Big Deal Days Deals

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Invite-Only Deals

This year Amazon has created an all-new Invite-only deals program where Prime Members can request an invitation to score some of the deals on Prime Big Deal Days. You could sign up for these now at the link below.

Amazon Devices and Services

Here were the top Prime Big Deal Days Amazon Devices and Services voted by the Slickdeals Community this year:

Tech & Electronics Deals

Tech & Electronics continues to be a top player in Slickdeals most-shopped categories on Prime Big Deal Days. Here were some of the top tech product deals that made it on Slickdeals from Prime Big Deal Days:

Home & Home Improvement Deals

Since 2020, Home and Home Improvement deals have surged on Slickdeals, overtaking Tech & Electronics on a handful of shopping Holidays like Prime Big Deal Days. Here were some Amazon Prime Big Deal Days deals for Home Improvement:

Computer Deals

If you count Computers separately, computers are a big Prime Big Deal Days category, with routers & SSD’s as the top choices. You can save some major cash in July if you’re looking for a new computer or building out a gaming computer. Here were some of the top Amazon Prime computer deals:

Clothing, Shoes & Accessory Deals

But, don’t forget to clothe yourself! The next most popular deal categories are Clothing & Accessories items. Amazon has been pushing the clothing category lately and I’ve seen a massive increase in Prime Big Deal Days clothing deals in recent years. Here were the most popular clothing items as voted on by Slickdealers for this Prime Big Deal Days:

Grocery Deals & Cleaning Products

Grocery is competing with Health & Beauty as one of Amazon’s top Prime Big Deal Days categories. Believe it or not, the most popular grocery items are less about food products and have more of a focus on cleaning supplies. Here were some of the most popular products from this Prime Big Deal Days:

Free Video Games

Prime Members can claim the following free games and DLC from Amazon right now. You can see the full thread with all the games here.

  • Prey (PC/GOG Digital Download)
  • Overwatch 5+ Tier Skip
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (Amazon Games App)
  • Shovel Knight: Showdown (Amazon Games App)
  • Diablo Brackish Fetch Mount Bundle
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2.0 Travel Rivals Bundle
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Amazon Games App)
  • Pokémon Go Exclusive Time Research Bundle

Prime Day Basics: What You Definitely Need to Know

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Prime Day Questions Answered by Past Shoppers

We conducted a recent survey of 851 nationally representative US consumers who shopped during the Prime Day sale last year. Here are some questions they can answer for us, according to an annual survey of Americans who are past Prime Day-shoppers:

Is Prime Day worth it?

Yes! 65% of past Prime Day Shoppers definitely plan to shop Prime Day again. 35% said they might shop on Prime Day if they find a good deal (which they probably will). Only 5% answered that they would not shop again. And, over 3/4 of shoppers plan to spend the same amount of money or more than last year on Prime Day.

The top categories in which consumers plan to buy include:
1.) Clothing, shoes & other apparel (63%)
2.) Electronics (52%)
3.) Essentials such as toilet paper (42%)
4.) Amazon Basics products (42%)
5.) Hobby, leisure & travel products (40%) –> This replaced food/pantry as the fifth place pick.

Inflation concerns lessened slightly for shoppers this year, with 45% stating it could have an impact on their shopping this Prime Day as opposed to 50% who stated it was a concern in 2022. Shoppers also revealed the following factors as having a big impact on whether they shop Prime Day sales this year:

  • Whether there is a sale on items they need (71%)
  • Having a Prime membership (53%)
  • Shipping & delivery time (43%)
  • Recession-fears (32%)

Of those shoppers who revealed they also shop sales offered by other retailers on Prime Day, 81% visit Walmart and 67% shop at Target. 54% plan to shop opportunistically by looking at what’s on sale to see what they want.

Amazon Deal Types:

  • Gift Cards: Prime Members can receive a $5 promotional credit for a future eligible order when you purchase eGift Cards valued at $50 or more in a single order on by July 10, 2023. The Promo Credit is valid until 25th August 2023. See our deal thread for more info here.
  • Lightning Deals: Many Prime Big Deal Days discounts are in the form of lightning deals, which not only have a timer but also a limited number of deals. Good deals are snatched up within seconds, but signing up for the waiting usually can score you the deal. Also, if you shop with the Amazon App, you can get alerts for lightning deals.
  • 2-Day-Long Deals: Other deals, usually on Amazon’s own tech, are up for the whole day or the full two-day event. Some of the best deals on Prime Big Deal Days will be on Amazon’s extensive line of brands and companies you may not have even known they owned. Make sure to look through the current list of over 75 Amazon brands to see if there are items you really want to save on – from mattresses to clothes to personal care lines.
  • Price Mistakes: Though they are rare and Amazon seems to be getting better at catching and preventing them, I’ve occasionally seen price mistakes on Prime Big Deal Days. The most notable one was when Amazon sold almost every camera and lens on their site for only $94.50.
  • Amazon Prime Sign-up: If you are not a Prime member already, then you’ll need to create a Prime account. You can take advantage of the 30-day free trial the month of the event, and cancel afterwards. Otherwise, a Prime account costs $14.99/month.
  • Slickdeals: We’re going to toot our own horn here and recommend Slickdeals to all savvy shoppers. Slickdeals is a community-driven forum that thoughtfully ranks deals across the web, factoring in the discount amount, product quality, and rarity of the deal.
  • Slickdeals Chrome Extension: The Slickdeals Chrome extension will automatically apply any working coupons that might be available. It will also show you the top voted deals on Amazon products while you’re browsing the Amazon website. The extension is free and doesn’t require setting up an account. I actually saved $20 with it a few days ago, and I wasn’t even looking for a deal.
  • Amazon App Install: The Amazon app is a must-have for Prime Big Deal Days. You’ll get notifications for Lightning Deals and exclusive app-only deals. The Amazon App is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Prime Big Deal Days Predictions: What Prices to Expect

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Prime Big Deal Days 2023 is expected to offer great deals on various products, including TVs and non-TV items. Here’s a summary of the price expectations for Prime Big Deal Days:

TV Price Predictions:

  • 55″ or less: House brand/co-brand TVs may be priced at $200 or less, with a possibility of a limited quantity lightning deal for Amazon Fire TVs. Amazon Fire 4K UHD Smart TV went for over 75% off last year! Premium brand names like LG, Samsung, and Sony are expected to have prices below $300, or there might be comparable bundles with extra warranty/gift cards.
  • 65″ LED: House-brands such as Insignia and TCL could be priced below $400, while less-premium brand models from LG, Samsung, and Sony might have prices under $500. Premium models from these brands may be available for around $900, or there could be comparable bundles with extra warranty/gift cards.
  • 65″ OLED: Mid-range premium brand models are expected to be priced around $1100, while high-end premium brand models might range from $1200 to $1300. Additionally, there may be comparable bundles available with extra warranty and gift cards.

Amazon Devices & Services Price Predictions:

  • 32GB Fire HD Tablets: The Fire HD 8 will be around $45. The Fire HD 8 Plus: around $65. The Fire HD 10: around $75. The 10.1″ 32GB Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet went for 50% off in 2022.
  • Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker: The Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker price will be around $30. mazon voice assistance devices like the Amazon Echo Dot will go for steep discounts (over 50% off).
  • Prime Video: 2-Month Premium Prime Streaming Channels Trial Subscriptions will see $1/month deals.
  • Security Cameras: Ring cameras and bundles went for around 30% off in the past. 2-Pack Blink Mini 1080p Indoor Plug-In Smart Security Cameras will be around $30. Tons of home security devices will go on sale during Prime Big Deal Days (also check out Best Buy’s big sale event!).
  • Apple AirPods 2: You’ll be able to get the Apple Airpods 2 for around $90.
  • Apple Watches: Apple watch Series 7 went for 30% off during the last Prime Big Deal Days.
  • Roomba Vacuum: You’ll be able to get the iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum w/ Automatic Dirt Disposal for around $450.

Setting Deal Alerts for Popular Prime Big Deal Days Deals

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I recommend that you set Deal Alerts on Slickdeals! This way you’ll get a notification when an item on your wishlist goes on sale. I’ll update this list with current Prime Big Deal Days deals once the event starts! There will be a flood of Amazon deals here during Prime Big Deal Days ordered and voted on by our community, so you’ll know for sure if the Prime Big Deal Days deal is worth it. Since Prime Big Deal Days is such a hot sale event, many competitors — Target, Best Buy, Walmart and eBay — jump in on the fun and offer sitewide discounts too. Additional deals will also be on Slickdeals, so you can view them in one space.

Slickdeals Deal Alerts You Can Set Now:

I put together a list of the most popular items searched on Slickdeals and included things I expect great Prime Big Deal Days deals on. I really encourage you though to take the time to create deal alerts as they will maximize your chance of scoring bigger on Prime Big Deal Days or on competing sales.

Slickdeals Tips for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Are you excited for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days? This annual event offers some of the best deals on the internet, but it can be overwhelming to navigate. Here are some Slickdeals shopping tips to help you get the most out of this years sales event:

Don’t Stress

Remember that not every deal is a good deal. Stick to your list and budget, and don’t stress if you miss out on a deal. There will always be more sales in the future.

Make sure you’re signed up for Amazon Prime to take advantage of all the deals. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for a free trial just for Prime Day, and it’s only $14.99/month after the trial.

The Amazon app is a must-have for Prime Big Deal Days. You’ll get notifications for Lightning Deals and exclusive app-only deals. The Amazon App is available for both Apple and Android devices.

A Lightning Deal is a time-limited promotion that provides a set number of discounts on a particular item. Lightning deals are on Amazon all-year, but they are only available to Prime members on Prime Day. If you find a lightning deal you like, we recommend checking out right away since they sell out quickly.

Don’t limit yourself to Amazon. We expect a sizable increase in engagement on Slickdeals with retailers Target, Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy, who increased their share of deals & discounts during Amazon’s popular shopping event last year. During the Prime Big Deal Days event in previous years, some of the most popular deals on Slickdeals came from Dell, too.

Many brands offer exclusive deals and discounts on their social media pages during Prime Big Deal Days. Follow your favorite brands on social media to stay up-to-date on their deals.

If you have an Alexa-enabled device, use it to shop for Prime Big Deal Days deals. Alexa will give you exclusive deals and early access to select deals. You can also ask Alexa for a Prime Big Deal Days reminder by saying, “Alexa, set a reminder for Prime Big Deal Days.”

Amazon offers discounts on their services during Prime Big Deal Days, like Prime Video and Prime Music. Take advantage of these deals if you’re already a Prime member.

More on Price Mistakes: An Epic Price Mistake Story

This price mistake story comes up every year around Amazon Prime Day: The epic camera equipment price mistake. Every single high-end camera and camera equipment went for just $100. This meant that items like a $15,000 camera lens also sold for $100. While most price mistake orders ended up getting cancelled, I’ve heard of people who had lots of orders actually go through. Some Slickdealers ended up making a killing reselling the camera items. One deal poster claimed to have bought a Tesla with the equipment resold while someone else allegedly paid a down-payment on an LA apartment.


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